First Hole

Well, here it is… there always has to be a first right? As I start out, I hope you find this as fun, funny and horrified by what will be written here… as I’m doing it! First let me state right off the bat… I’m very lucky to be able to do the things I will be doing, and I don’t take that for granted. AGAIN I’m very lucky! Ok, enough of that! Your saying to yourself, um is this guy gonna get to a point, or is he just stoned and rambling…? Well a bit of both! LOL

SO hopefully your still with me, going forward I will be talking about different courses I am playing,(I’m not that good, hence the name). The food you eat at a course, on the way to the course or after you just walked 18 and your hungry! Of course, I won’t be playing every day or traveling (unless you’re paying) so the other days this will be about golf, sportsmanship (I do have a young son) or other sports in general…

Before I let you go, if you scroll to the bottom the caddy can help you around the site! On that note, lets push send…and I promise to try and hit em straight, but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

The High Handicapper

By High Handicapper

Golf enthusiast and new blogger

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  1. Looks like fun! Waiting to see your scores pictures and impressions
    I liked the footprints in the dew Also looked like the putt went in😃


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