So I was lucky enough to play some golf at Kiawah Island…

How about that Rolex!

You know when you go to a baseball game and your walking around the concourse, you can’t see the field yet, but you can feel the energy and then you turn the corner and there it is, a green so green it looks fake. This is what it’s like playing in Kiawah.

It starts with the fact there is only one road to get to the courses because it’s a barrier island. As you drive in on the road you know you’re in the South, the trees are overhanging and covered in Spanish moss. You know, the ones you see in every movie about the South.

Does not matter what course you play, they greet you like you’re big time! You go to the range and they use Titleist balls, and all you want to do is go to the first tee…relax, don’t rush it, because it goes really fast (unless you’re behind me)! It takes a lot not to have your camera out taking pictures of everything…wild life? Yeah probably gonna see a gator or two! Picturesque holes? Everyone of them! Fun? Absolutely! Difficult? Without a doubt!

Gator on the tee!

I could try and remember everything about the courses I played, but I’m sure I would not do them justice! The one thing I can tell you, if your playing the Ocean course, get the Caddy! One they are very helpful, and two it is kinda fun to be able to just walk and play…you can take a lot of pictures!!! Also if your able to play multiple rounds, play Turtle Point first. Why, well you get a few ocean holes on the back nine to get you ready for the Ocean course!

At the Ocean course it is all about the wind. The day I played it was about 15-20 mph gusts… The course itself plays in a figure eight, so it was half and half. Really the only hole that it was really an issue was at 17, of course it was in the wind! Hit two in the water, then promptly bombed it over the green as the wind stopped for that shot, lol!

The clubhouse from the 18th green!
Watching my drive cut thru the mist

Then to make yourself feel better before you leave, play at Osprey Point! It is Kiawah’s most “playable” course! After walking the past two rounds, it was fun to ride in a cart! The day I played it was a bit misty, but the course itself had no puddles and drained amazingly!

What a golf trip, so much fun! A must play for golfers, but also bring the family as there is a million things for them todo while you are trying to figure out the wind and which club to use! As always…I will try and hit it straight, but if I don’t I’ll yell “FORE”!

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