Range Day

Mid swing

What is the old saying? Practice makes perfect! They obviously did not play golf! Sometimes the only time we get to play is by going to the driving range. The one problem for me is that I am not a fan of hitting off the mats. After you hit for like thirty or forty minutes with your irons, you have that weird green stain on the bottom of your club.

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather hit off a mat then not at all! Living in New York City, there aren’t a lot of options and they all are off a mat. Chelsea Piers is great because they stay open till midnight. Perfect for me, my little dude goes to bed then I can get over to the range!

Chelsea Piers NYC

Of course, in my opinion going to a range at a course is what it’s really about! No crazy sounds distracting you, just a nice gentle breeze and some real grass under your feet. Personally, practicing in that type of environment makes me feel like the practice will really pay off!

Where do you like to practice? How often do you get out and practice or do you watch a lot of swing videos? Check out my instagram page and follow along to see me at the range and on the course! Don’t forget to sign up so you will be alerted when new content comes up, and as I always like to say: I will try and hit them straight, but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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