Let’s play two!

With the start of spring and the nice weather coming, I decided to follow Mr. Harry Vardon’s advice and play two! I chose to go to The GlenRiddle golf course for my day, they have two courses on the property. Man O’War and War Admiral. Wait – I thought those were some famous racehorses?! In fact, they are – the golf courses are built on the old Riddle Farms and the courses are named after the horses. The developers built around some of the old racetrack to keep the history of the site.

A bit of history
The old starting gate

Alas, it was not meant to be… I was only able to play on Man O’War, there was a tournament going on at War Admiral.

The weather was almost perfect and I had a nice little breeze in my face for most of the round. The course itself is a links style course, a bit windy, big fairways and lots of sand.

I love playing here, the course is challenging but nothing too crazy, as long as you are relatively straight. You don’t have to be a big hitter either. All the par three’s are super fun to play as well, my personal favorite is the 13th. Pretty much all carry over water, onto a gigantic green that if you put it on the wrong side, you’ll three putt!

I used a 2 iron into a 15mph wind in the face. As you can see I got a bogey, the pin was sitting in the front of the green about 60 feet from where I landed it. A bit too much, oh well! If your interested I can always do a hole by hole of the course, let me know!

Like I said, this is a very fun and fair course – very walkable and you will not be completely wiped out by the time you get to the 18th!

So, I needed a second course to play. Lucky for me, there are seventeen different courses in the Ocean City area. I chose to play at the Ocean Pines Golf Club. I needed some lunch before my next round and they have a great clubhouse that overlooks the ninth and eighteenth greens. This course is the only Robert Trent Jones championship course on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is on the tighter side with some nice twists and turns, oh yeah – and plenty of water.

The tulip’s are blooming!

I guess if I had one complaint it’s that the course does play a bit slow sometimes. Again not a big problem for me as I can enjoy the round. The first couple of holes wrap around the range. You then start to snake thru the woods. By the sixth you start getting the doglegs thrown in. Then you get the water on the next hole. All the while, it is just a great day. The sun was shining, not a bad breeze and the temps were in the high sixties. My favorite hole was the fourteenth, with its dogleg and tree in the way.

The fourteenth with a big tree in the way!

So on my drive I clipped that tree in the middle of the fairway. My second shot was a hybrid that landed in between the two bunkers that guard the green. Third shot was a little wedge to about six feet from the hole. Finished strong with my par, after hitting that tree!

What a fun and long day! Two very different styles of courses. By the time I was finishing up I was definitely getting tired and sore. By the second eighteenth (or the thirty-sixth hole) I was feeling my day, hands starting to hurt and my knee was sore, but then I stuck my seven iron about ten feet from the pin and finished up with a birdie, and honestly…I was still sore and wanting to go and sit in the bath! As always, thanks for reading! If you like what you read, don’t forget to subscribe down below or find me on Instagram @highhandicapper420 and check out more pictures and videos! And of course, I will try and hit them straight, but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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  1. A Tree!?! that is an interesting obstacle! you know your drive was straight down the fairway since you hit it! LOL


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