River Run Golf Club

Look at that weather

When the missus says to you “you should go and play golf”…. you grab your car keys and run out of the house before she can ask you to do anything else! The great thing about River Run Golf Club is you can usually get on the course as a single pretty quickly. I played this course a bunch last summer and during the winter, so it was nice to see some familiar faces again after so long. Tom the starter, hooked me up and got me out before my time. I met Spencer, a nice guy from Salisbury who’s buddy had something come up so he was rolling solo as well. First let me say that I have Jets head covers on my clubs. Spencer had Bills head covers, oh no. In reality Spencer was awesome. Nice guy with a great swing who absolutely crushed the ball. We talked a little football, but mostly about golf. River Run is very walkable for the first nine, but on the back nine there are a couple of spots between holes that are far, but when it’s cart path only it’s better to walk. No cart path rules today so I rode, I’m so lazy.

Spencer the Bills fan

The round started a bit rough as my cart just died on the first tee box. I thought the starter was playing with me by giving me a dying cart so I would have to walk, but he wasn’t as he had push it back. New cart and we started off. So we where a bit behind but made up the time as a twosome. Like I said Spencer is really good as he played the front nine at three over. When I asked how long he had been playing, he said since he was like ten. It definitely showed. As usual I was playing my brand of super awesome golf, more bogies than par and no birdies, and like clockwork I ended at seven over at the turn. He was breaking in a new iron set. He had a fitting and this is what they recommend for him. I also had a fitting for my clubs and we both agreed it is such a fun experience. If your are going to spend the loot, do yourself a favor and get fitted for the right ones. If I do what I learned in my lesson, even when I mis-hit the ball it still is a pretty good shot.

The sun is going down

As we made the turn, the one problem of River Run reared its head. Not sure why but if its remotely busy when you get to ten you run into a traffic jam. When we pulled up there was a group on the green, a group in the fairway, a group on the tee box and one group waiting in front of us. Good thing I had a snack to eat and not feel rushed. Eating on a golf course can get kinda messy. There is nothing worse than trying to eat a hot dog and not getting mustard all over myself rushing to eat. When we restarted I felt so much better and ripped a great drive down the middle. I played better down the back nine, partly because I think the group behind us stopped after nine and we didn’t see anyone behind us till we got to the eighteenth fairway. Nice to not feel rushed. By eighteen it was going on like a five hour round, but can you complain when it’s a beautiful spring day? I think not. Besides with the sun going down and no one behind you, if you can imagine it, you could be playing in the final pairing on a Sunday! With that thought in my head, I finished up with another great drive and iron shot into the green. Of course I three putted but what are you gonna do, enjoy the round my friend! Make sure to check out my Instagram and sign up down below for notifications of when the next blog comes up. And as always, I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I’ll yell “FORE”!

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