Kissena Park Golf Course

This might have been a bad idea

What can I say, I picked this course because it was close to Citi Field – home of the New York Mets. “Wait I thought you were in Maryland?” you say. I was. Made the drive back in the morning, went to the course and then off to the game. I decided I would walk after the long car drive. Kissena Park Golf Course is run by the city, which means all reservations are done online. For a city course they have a good amount of parking, a small snack bar which is open but of course, no range. I got hooked up with another single who was a regular at the course. I think he was playing hooky from work because he would get work calls – but that was ok as he was riding in a cart. Ah yes, the cart. I would definitely rent one, the course was extremely hilly. The course plays short but it is tougher than you think with all the hills.

The front nine couldn’t have gone much worse, no pars just a string of bogies. Every hole had something go wrong as I could not string shots together to even give myself a shot at birdie much less any pars. Oh yeah, the hills… every hole was up and down like a rollercoaster and I won’t lie I was not ready for the walk or pushing the cart. One other thing is I’m not good with heights and some of the greens are right on the edge, I just shuddered while writing that. My playing partner kept offering to give me a ride but I had my cart so I refused and kept on.

As we made the turn I got my second wind as we had another uphill par three that I finally saved my par. My game unfortunately did not get much better after that. I got par on the two short par fours but got a bunch of bogies. A few take aways from the round. I really can’t complain about my round as the weather was amazing. Sure if your gonna drive for like five hours it would be nice to go to a range to loosen up, but I guess that is a given. When I come back to play this course I’m definitely getting a cart unless I get into better shape and I will club up cause those hills just go up! And on a really positive note – the Mets swept the doubleheader! As always thanks for reading and go and check out my Instagram to see video from this round. Don’t forget to follow along to get new content. And like I always say, I will try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”, which in this round I yelled it a few times!

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