Dyker Beach GC

A grey day

Well the weather wasn’t as nice as the day before but still it was looking like a nice day. So I went online and looked to see where I could get on at a decent time. I ended up at Dyker Beach. The course from what I saw was a cool layout. It was originally designed in 1897, then redesigned in 1935. The course itself is in Brooklyn near the Verrazano bridge. I guess when they designed it they did not think to build a parking lot and I ended up having to find street parking. The course had carts and I took one, I was a bit tired from the long day before, at Kissena Park. It was definitely a more walkable course. Did not see a concession stand so it might still be closed or I didn’t look that hard.

The Verrazano

Our group consisted of three singles. Carl and Ike where two retired gentlemen and Mike who was about my age. The day before the course started the aeration process. So we were only allowed to play the front nine. We played the front twice and by the time we made the turn it was really backed up. I will never complain about waiting again, lol. The first hole has a big dip in the fairway and it hides the group in front of you so they have a bell that you ring to let the group behind you know they can play thru. As you go along you catch glimpses of the Verrazano in the background till you are playing a second shot staring right at it. The front nine was super fun, you had some elevated tee boxes, most of the fairways had some sort of hill that you had to account for, lots of bunkers and the from the look of most of the greens they had two tiers and would play very quick. I wish I got to play the back nine. Everyone in the group had played the course before and all agreed that the back nine was more challenging.

So much sand

By the turn we lost Mike as the wait was to much for him. The back nine played pretty much the same, I did manage one more par than the first time, but with greens covered in sand it was tough to putt and score. I would imagine this course is pretty fun in spring and summer, but a beast in the colder months. Thanks for taking some time to read about my round, and if you would like to see some video’s of this round make sure to check out my Instagram and follow along to get updates on new content. As always I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will “FORE”!

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