Bethpage Yellow

So I decided to try again. I went back to Bethpage, and was going to try The Black again but alas no tee times that made sense. The first time I could get was for The Yellow course. I had about an hour and half to kill so I decided to explore. If you read my Bethpage Black blog I gave all kinds of info on Bethpage Park itself. I went into the clubhouse which had a huge patio that kinda overlooked the first hole of The Black. I grabbed a sandwich and a coffee and watched a few groups tee off.

Such a nice day, the sun was out and it was brisk but nothing too bad. After watching people tee off I wandered over to the range to warm up before my round. They have all kinds of youth programs going on, as the range was swarmed with little kids hitting bombs and landing chip shots in the nets. After a few minutes I had to stop watching them because my game was gonna suffer as I was getting jealous of their abilities, just kidding or am I? LOL

So as I made my way over to course I stopped and picked up a cart, after walking The Black and knowing these New York courses like to be hilly I wasn’t in the mood to walk again. I also was breaking in a new pair of shoes as my regular pair was still wet from the other day. As I checked in the starter said the one person had checked in and was on the tee box and the other two had not checked in yet. Right then the single teed off and started walking after his ball, I was not going to rush after this guy, so the starter put me with a threesome and we teed off.

Right away you notice the difference between the two courses I have played. The Yellow played a bit easier in that it was not as long but WOW are the greens fast. I could only imagine how The Black course greens are and how fast they would be when dry. The single was not very talkative as it was a Saturday so it was busy and now it had an extra “group” out there slowing everything down. I felt bad for the people behind us. I was playing better but the greens were killing me, I couldn’t get the speed down. Side note remember to practice some putts before hand. My playing partners were all friends from childhood and worked together so they definitely were a fun group and very nice as they offered some beer. I politely declined as I don’t drink and besides I am The High Handicapper! The big hitter in the group was dropping bombs, the only problem was the more he had to drink the more his shot would slice. He was slicing more than fifty percent of the time, but then he would chip in from a green side bunker or hit a thirty foot putt…swing juice. Check out my story on Instagram and watch till the end for his reaction to his slice on eighteen, pretty funny.

As the round was winding down I already decided that I would definitely need to play all five courses. You can ride in a cart in all of them except The Black course and I would say you could definitely walk The Yellow course as the hills are not to bad and it has benches which I have never really seen at a golf course. The weather held all day and it was fun playing with people who definitely had a good time playing and not taking it to seriously. I would like to thank you for reading along and don’t forget to follow along down below so you can get notified when new blogs come up. Next time I go out on the course I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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