The Rookery

In my quest to play as many new courses as I can I go to some spots that are kinda far from the house. Today’s round took me to The Rookery South in Delaware. After the last two rounds at some larger courses this was a bit more intimate. The clubhouse was smaller but their restaurant was open and I got some coffee, bonus points. As I pulled up the parking lot it was fuller than I expected for 7:45 in the morning. I checked in and went out on a brisk morning round with my hot coffee.

I asked the starter if there was anything for me to know and he said stay in the fairway or you will be in trouble, he must know my game. I started the round off with back to back bogeys. On hole three my bad drive paid off as I had a clear shot to the green from about seventy yards, I got it on and two putted for my par. Hole four was a good one as well. With the wind in my face I stared out at a short par 4, the hole only played at 270 maybe 280, but the last half of the hole was a water hazard. To carry the water was 225 and the front of the water was 150. So I did what any smart golfer would do. Pulled a seven iron and dropped it in front of the water, then pulled the six and put that on the green. You finish the front nine with a short par three near the parking lot. At this point I was definitely cold and so happy that I didn’t care that I doubled nine because I was able to get a jacket from my car!

I had been seeing people all over the course but had yet to catch anyone. Now that I had a jacket on it felt like winter golf, less turn less distance on my driver. But I was warm so it was good with me. The wind was at my back for ten which was great as it was a 600 yard par five. That hole went driver, three wood, and hybrid then a two putt par. I don’t remember when I have used all three woods in my bag on the same hole and hit good shots with all of them. The back nine played a lot differently than the front. The back was more open to the elements and definitely more windy. At every course when you get to eighteen they give you something to remember it by. Well The Rookery did not disappoint. This was a 605 yard par five now playing into the wind. I went driver, three wood, three wood and pitching wedge to get there and the ball ended up on the front fringe. I felt very happy getting my bogey from that hole.

This was as challenging as some of the bigger name courses I have played. In the summer when the trees are in full splendor you would definitely be in trouble if you are missing the fairways. Also those two long par fives are there and it seems like the wind is always a factor here. This is definitely a walkable course and you definitely would have a fun and challenging round in front of you. Thank you for reading along and do not forget to follow along here and on Instagram to get the newest blog. As always next time I’m out there I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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