Bethpage Green

One of the best things about playing by yourself is that you can go to almost any course and you will eventually get out. So for my round I headed out to Bethpage again today. I have played the Yellow and Black Courses, so today I tried the Green course. I had about a ninety minutes before the first available tee time. Plenty of time for some breakfast and range balls without feeling rushed. The courses out at Bethpage are always in really great condition so I don’t mind the drive.

I met my playing partners up on the practice green. Three nice young guys who where from Long Island, locals who knew the course very well. It’s always fun to meet new people. All three of the guys where long off the tee. They were having a skins match so it was gonna get competitive as the day went on. The day was a bit windy and a little brisk, nothing too crazy but the sun was shining and not a lot of clouds. A perfect day for a round of golf. After the first hole you go through the little tunnel that takes you to the rest of the course, then it starts to play like Bethpage. Raised tee boxes, sloped fairways, thick rough and of course fast and tricky greens.

Arthur with his cigar, Steve and his positive attitude and Devon who was the quiet one all where playing pretty well as they kept pushing the skins. I think at one point they had one hole that was worth five skins. Steve won that hole by sticking his chip from about seventy yards to literally about six inches away from going in. Arthur had a chance to push the hole but missed his fifteen footer. On the next hole if you can cut it though the trees you can almost drive the green. Steve hit his perfect and was sitting in front of the green. Everyone else tried to various degrees of success. Arthur being long enough got past enough of the trees to make his second shot work. Devon’s slice worked for him as his shot just went into the fairway. Mine, well if you watch my Instagram story you will see how it worked out for me(not good, but funny). I ended up with a triple as I was a hot mess.

On the back nine Arthur got hot and won like four holes in a row to kind of make it close. Me personally, I could not hit a fairway to save my life today. Everything was a scramble to keep my game from going absolutely down the toilet. Hitting from the rough made it difficult to really get it going today. I did end up with one par today, on the fifteenth it’s a par three with the elevated tee box, granted the hole is a two hundred par three and had the wind in our face. Put my two iron about fifteen yards short, then got my chip super close and had a short tap in. This is the only hole I would have beaten them as no one else made par.

Every golfer has a bad round and you always are searching for the shot that makes you want to come back and play again. Well I finally got mine on the eighteenth hole. My driver finally found a fairway and I had about one-eighty to the uphill green, I didn’t get all of it but got enough that I had a short chip on the green. If only I could putt today I might have had a better round. Wait don’t we all say that?!?! Oh well, I had fun and that’s what is the most important thing to remember. As always thank you for reading along and don’t forget to follow me down below or on Instagram to get the newest blog! And when I’m out there next, I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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