Ocean City Golf Course

Over the past two days I got the chance to play the two different courses at Ocean City Golf Course. The Seaside course which was built in the fifties, then came the Newport Bay course. On both days the course was pretty busy. The course has a driving range, putting green, well stocked clubhouse and a full restaurant. My first day I got to the course and checked in. Hit a few balls then got the go ahead to head out to the first tee box.

The Seaside course didn’t really go by the sea or the marshes that much. The course was bunched up and reminded me of courses in California, by that I mean not a lot of distance between the holes. I was playing with a group of three. A father and son and the dad’s friend. The son was in his early twenties and a lefty. The course had a few doglegs that played to the left and totally set up for the son. I am not usually the best player in the group but when you play with two retired gentleman and someone who doesn’t play a lot, you get to be the best player in the group.

The front nine would have been great except the group behind us kept hitting into us. They probably thought it would speed us up but the group in front of us was playing slow so there was nothing we could do. Anytime you took too long getting off the green you would have to dodge a ball. Also a lot of trees that would hang or block shots if you didn’t place the ball in the right spots. We made the turn, after grabbing a burger we headed out. Still dodging the balls from behind us, then at some point the group in front of us was playing back toward us and hit a ball at us without saying anything! I guess if you didn’t have to dodge balls the course would be fun. I made my goal which is no doubles for the day. I can’t wait to play the Newport Bay course next.

So the next day, I came back out to the course. Checked in and got the heads up that I was getting bumped up and getting to go out earlier than I thought. I got paired up with a husband and wife and another single. Kent, the single was a member and gave me tips on each hole, super helpful as I have never played here before. The Newport Bay course definitely ran near the marsh and the bay. Very scenic and we got lucky with very little wind. You need to stay focused when you play this course as it was not the longest but has a ton of turns and fairways cut in half with bunkers or marsh hazards.

I was playing pretty decently for the first six holes, then I started hitting branches from trees that hung in the fairways or off the tee. On the seventh hole I hit two trees on the same hole and missed a short putt, and that’s how you get a triple. I rebounded and got par on eight and nine. The backside just became a mess, the wind picked up and it started to rain off and on. I guess the rain slowed the group in front of us down because they literally slowed down so much the group behind us caught up to us on the thirteenth tee. Like I said before, you need to think your way thru the course and now I was mentally wandering. The seventeenth was a disappointing hole. Sliced my iron into the water, went to the drop and chipped on, but the ball didn’t stay on the green and rolled off, putted back on then I proceeded to three putt and that’s how get a snowman on a par three.

All in all the two courses both have their merits and are fun to play. My only advice is to be very wary about golf balls flying all over the place. Thanks for reading along today and be sure to follow my Instagram to see the video from the round and get the heads up when a new blog is posting. Well if I’m playing anywhere else, I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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