Eagles Landing

Another day, another round of golf. Today I found myself at Eagles Landing, which runs along the bay and has a lot of marsh land that comes into play. The clubhouse is a bit smaller but they have a nice little restaurant inside. There is a chipping and a practice bunker but no full driving range, though there is one less than five minutes away and you pass by it on your way to the course. I got my tee time and waited in the shade by the chipping area until I got called to go out.

The weather was amazing, high seventies and just a bit of wind. I was paired up with Ralph, a single and Gerry and Steve a twosome. All three where retired so they played from the white tees. Most courses you get a big advantage on a few holes, not here every hole had at least a thirty yard advantage. After the advantage all of our drives where landing in about the same range. It was on the second shots that I would have an advantage if I hit it properly.

My game right now is so up and down with not a lot of consistency. Drive and second shot good, putting bad. Putting and short game working, bad drive or second shot. I had four pars during the round but seven doubles, oh yeah and one triple. I would like to blame it on the course for being so scenic and distracting me, but that’s not the case. The triple, pulled out of bounds but not before I hit a huge tree trying to cut the fairway. Three of the doubles where OB penalties and the other four where just bad shots with missed putts. Bright side three of the four pars where green in regulation so that’s good. Best shot of the day came on fourteen when I landed in front of a bunker and had only like 10 yards to the hole, all carry and to a raised green. Landed it like five feet away. I guess I shouldn’t feel to bad as the other guys played just as erratically as I did, just shorter.

If your looking for a very scenic course to play on, this is one of the better ones around. From the views of the bay and marsh lands to the very maintained fairways and greens, a stellar course and well worth the drive out. I thank you for reading along and if you follow along down below you will get updates on when the newest blog comes out. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram that has today’s round in the story section. Next time I go out, I promise to try and hit them straight, but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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