Pinehurst #3

I got down to the Pinehurst area in pretty good time on my drive, so I decided to head into the pro shop to look around. I could have spent a long time looking at all the memorabilia on the walls, so much history in these halls. After walking around the pro shop, I heard someone canceling their tee time on number three. I immediately walked up and got the tee time.

This classic Donald Ross design (circa 1910) is the shortest course at Pinehurst at just over 5100 yards. If you think the shorter distance would make it easier than you would be wrong. The greens are also on average the smallest greens at Pinehurst, even smaller than #2. Lots of risk and reward to this course, too short and you roll back, but if you are just a bit long boom off the back. Being able to control accuracy and distance is key at this course, and is paramount to a good score.

I got to the course about an hour before my tee time today, went into the restaurant and got something to eat. Took a bit longer than I expected and no time for the range, what’s new. I went to the starter and checked in. I was paired up with two other singles. Mr. Munsun was a member at the club and Tony was visiting like myself. Mr. Munsun was invaluable wealth of information of the course. He saved me some strokes with on where to place my shots. Tony uses the same putter that I use and gave me a tip on how to control it a bit better and the tip immediately paid off as I made a long putt.

The round itself seemed like a blur. When we started there was no one in front of us and off we went. Like I said before the course is shorter but not any easier, and the greens are diabolical. I had nine three putts today and had forty-three putts today including two holes that only took one. Forty-one putts over sixteen holes are not going to give you a good score. A bit frustrating but with a ton of golf still left on this trip it can only get better, right? Well thank you for reading along and be sure to follow me here and on Instagram so you get the newest content! Like I always say, I promise to hit them straight, but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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