Pinehurst No. 2

When you call the Pinehurst Resort they answer by saying “another beautiful day in PInehurst”. Well as much as yesterday was a washout today was the exact opposite of that. Some clouds in the sky, a bit of a breeze and temperatures in the low 70’s, a perfect day to tackle the crown jewel of the resort. The course itself has hosted more single championships than any other course in the U.S. and made history in 2014 when it hosted both the Men’s and Women’s U.S. Open Championship in back to back weeks.

Opened in 1907, No. 2 was designed by Donald Ross, who was continually improving the course until his death in 1948. The course is best known for its crowned, undulating greens which are some of the hardest in the world. In 2010 the course was renovated back to the original feel that Ross had originally put in. Up came about 35 acres of land that was replaced by native wire grass, hardpan and natural bunker edges. I was met by my caddy Jerry at the putting green and the starter introduced me to the threesome I would be joining. Brad, who’s birthday they where celebrating, Drew and Blake.

As we teed off, everyone had some first hole jitters as no one landed in the fairway to start. The guys where definitely a fun group and immediately invited me into the conversation which was definitely nice. It probably helped that we all where about the same skill level. Meaning capable of good shots just not stringing them together. I seem to have a problem in that sometimes I am just not long enough, and the more you hit the ball the more chances that something bad is going to happen. Jerry definitely helped on the greens today as I had five holes that I had a one putt on, and three of those happened to be longer than ten feet. I only had three, three putts as well. Chipping was good for the most part. It was everything before I got to 130 yards in. The real blow to the score came on 16,17, and 18. I was getting tired and I did not finish strong. I was ten over on those last three holes.

If you asked me did this course live up to my expectations? I would say without a shadow of a doubt this lived up to the reputation and then some. I had so much fun out there and if you can cross this course off the old bucket list I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for reading along and don’t forget to check out my Instagram page for some video of today’s round. As always I promise to hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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