Pinehurst No.4

My last day at Pinehurst, with the rain I switched around the rounds and was playing No. 4. The course has a rolling topography and natural ridge lines with exposed sand areas, huge cross bunkers and the native wire grass blend. Designer Gil Hanse says “No. 4 is a companion in the landscape, but it is not a tribute to No. 2 in the features. The greens are different, the approaches are different and we wanted to take advantage of the landforms, which are much more dramatic than those on No. 2.”

After going down to the club storage and I met my caddy for the day. We walked towards the driving range and hit a few balls and I seemed to be hitting it well. I was going to be joining a group of fifteen and joined the last group. John, Lee and Cody all made me feel really welcomed and it was a great group. I let them know about the video and they where totally ok with it. Lee was playing from the tips and literally it was like watching golf on TV. Cody was playing from the putter boy (blended) tees so that meant he played the tips and whites, while not quite as good as Lee he was pretty darn good. John and I both played from the whites. John was a great guy and it was a blast getting to play with him and his group.

On the first hole I was on in regulation but ended up putting too hard and running it off the green and ended up with a six. Got par on two and three by making my tap in putt, as I chipped up and on pretty close both times. Four was my usual troubles with a par 3 as I got a double. Five was a disaster as I plugged my third shot near a lip on the bunker, took four shots to get out of the sand and a two putt for a handy nine. This is why you don’t rush when you have a bad shot especially in the sand. On six I rebounded with a par, but on seven, eight and nine I played those at six over. Shot a 51 on the front nine, close to my goal of breaking a hundred.

On ten I saved my bogey with a one putt, on eleven and twelve I got doubles. I was a still playing with the same ball, as we approached thirteen my caddy said the next two holes had water and if I could not lose my ball I would be on path to breaking a hundred. With the big lake off to the right that would come into play on my second shot, I went right on a little hill. My second shot was about as good as I can do, a hybrid that went about 190 and split the fairway. After that shot I had about 110 to the flag and went about 125, still on the green but a long putt of about 45 feet. I putted it about 43 feet and had a tap in par, my last of the round. Fourteen went right of the green and stayed away from the water, chipped on and two putted for a bogey. The rest of the round was doubles except for fifteen which was a triple and that’s how you shoot a 49 and a even one hundred on No. 4.

My time at Pinehurst has come to an end. I probably will still be knocking out the sand from my shoes but, what an amazing week of golf and history. If you have the chance to come out here I would definitely recommend it. Well I can’t dwell on the fact that I am leaving as I need to drive to Kiawah to go play another awesome course. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see all the video from Pinehurst! And when I go out next I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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