Bacon Park

My travels brought me to Savanna Georgia. I’ll be honest after all the courses I have visited recently and with Tobacco Road still left on the trip, I was having trouble getting up for the round especially when I was sitting in traffic going to Bacon Park. The course itself was designed by Donald Ross and opened in 1926. They have two different courses a nine and eighteen hole, a driving range and a nice size clubhouse.

As I was driving up, I getting the itch to play and by the time I was lacing up my shoes I totally was ready to go out and play. After checking in I just went out as I was already late. Of course there was a tree to the left and I hit it. But I recovered and almost saved par, but the greens seemed like they had seen better days. I’ll be honest it would be tough for any course to measure up to The Stadium Course.

I was lucky there wasn’t a lot of hazards as I was a bit wild with my driver on some holes but my irons I was hitting very well. On the front side no doubles and no three putts, I had three pars and one was on a par 3. Most importantly no penalties, which equals to a 41. The backside started out the same wild off the tee and then my irons went to work, I landed in the sand and got out with ease the only time I was in a trap. I did have two doubles on the back nine. One was on twelve when I was hitting into the wind and it took a few to get there. As I stepped up to eighteen I still had no penalties but there was water that cut across the fairway, too far for my drive but it would come into play on my second shot. My drive went straight to the left in the fairway,with a tree in the way about 200 yards blocking a shot at the green. I pulled my three wood and topped the ball right into the water. I was so disappointed in myself and that was my second double of the day. I shot a 45 on the back for a total of 86 for the round.

If this was my local course I would be stoked, it was a fun little city course that even though the greens weren’t in the best of shape they put the NYC city courses to shame (not Bethpage). The carts were all brand new and you could go to your ball, best of all I was playing by myself and the course was a bit busy, I had people in front and behind. Still finished my round in about three hours. If your ever in Savanna I’d definitely recommend stopping and getting in a round! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Instagram page for the video from this round. I promise to try and hit them straight but if I don’t I will yell “FORE”!

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